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    A safe natural therapy to ease stress, promote relaxation and balance your body for improved well-being.

Welcome to Lavender Room Reflexology –
a place for Relaxation and Restoration

A safe natural therapy to ease stress, promote relaxation and balance your body for improved well-being.


Modern reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese principle that our feet and hands act as a mirror image of our body. By applying a specific type of pressure using fingers and thumbs to these reflex points, reflexology can stimulate the body’s natural self-healing capacity to rebalance, restore and recharge.

Reflexology is a safe non-invasive complimentary therapy recognised by the NHS and many GPs.  It can support you alongside western medicine to promote your well-being.  It is not an alternative to seeking medical professional advice as reflexologists cannot diagnose or cure illness.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and can support you physically and emotionally.  People seek reflexology for many reasons.

Examples include;

Reduction in pain

Improved circulation

Rebalancing of hormones

Back issues

Poor sleep






In our busy world it is essential we listen to our body’s, that we reduce our stress levels, sleep better, enjoy downtime and relax.  Reflexology can help you achieve this.

“Look after your feet and they will look after you”

Maternity Reflexology

Becoming pregnant is the beginning of a new and exciting phase in your life, it will bring significant changes both physically and emotionally to your body and mind.  Your emotions may not only revolve around excitement, you may feel overwhelmed or vulnerable as your body adapts for your growing baby and you prepare for birth and parenthood.

Reflexology can support you throughout your pregnancy, as it aims to optimise your physical and emotional health and well-being.   It is a safe, natural and non-intrusive therapy for you and your baby, however, it is recommended you find a reflexologist who is trained and confident to support you during pregnancy.  A full history taken at your initial consultation and updated regularly throughout your pregnancy will ensure it is appropriate for you through each of the trimesters.  There are a few conditions that contraindicate having reflexology, and further consent may be required from your midwife or consultant.

Emma an Ex Intensive Care nurse is a highly trusted, respected and experienced reflexologist who will personally support you throughout your pregnancy and beyond, she has undertaken the highest level of reflexology training available in the UK, undertaken advanced pregnancy training and is recommended by local midwives.  Emma has successfully supported many women through pregnancy and helped them achieve a positive birth experience, by ensuring they feel calm, relaxed and prepared.

One huge benefit of receiving reflexology during pregnancy is that it allows you time away from your busy life to relax in peaceful surroundings and focus on you and your growing baby.  At the Lavender Room you are guaranteed peace, relaxation and comfort with a room and comfortable chair to ensure you feel safe and relaxed.

Many women are now choosing reflexology throughout their pregnancy and postnatally because it offers so many benefits;

supporting hormonal changes,  aiding relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, reducing birth anxiety, alleviate traumatic birth experiences

For other women it can be to support them with common conditions that can arise such as

nausea, vomiting, constipation, back pain, heart burn, pelvic girdle pain, insomnia

The first trimester is a time of huge hormonal changes, anxieties and concerns for the changes that are going to happen.  This may leave you feeling delighted, anxious, elated, tearful, exhausted.  Emma will support you through these changes with the aim of relaxing and de-stressing you, and focusing on your individual needs.

During the second and third trimester many discomforts from early pregnancy have gone.  As your baby grows you may experience different discomforts, Emma will adapt and change your treatment to support your changing body.  Your stress levels may also increase as the birth becomes more imminent, Emma will support you through this and focus on your emotionally well-being and help you prepare your body for birth.

During the last few weeks you may wish to have weekly treatments to prepare your body for birth.  Reflexology cannot make your baby arrive on time but it can help you relax and reduce your stress hormones, leaving you feeling calmer and prepared for birth.

Pre-Conception & Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural, holistic healing art that uses pressure points on the feet to restore equilibrium to other parts of the body.

Reflexology can help to alleviate tension and promotes relaxation, bringing real benefits during pregnancy and for couples who are trying for a baby.

Reflexology Northampton

Postnatal Reflexology

Postnatal reflexology is a very important part of your reflexology journey.  A time when your body is readjusting, hormones are changing, sleep deprivation may have taken over and you may be feeling exhausted, excited or overwhelmed with your new-born baby and motherhood.

Reflexology can play an important part in rebalancing your body and offer you time cuddled up with your baby with no distractions, offering you both quiet, undisturbed time to enhance your bond. Emma specialises in postnatal reflexology and has supported many women through the early transition to motherhood and has successfully supported many women suffering with postpartum.

Tiny Toes reflexage can also offer you further support. Created by Emma, Tiny Toes Reflexage is a unique combination of baby reflexology and massage. Classes run in Northampton and across the UK and Ireland. Emma trains reflexologists to the high standard required to teach parents Tiny Toes Reflexage. With all classes run by qualified reflexologists they can support you and your baby, and teach you simple, safe and effective  baby reflexology and massage techniques for many of the early discomforts your baby my experience. The small supportive classes can also offer you the vital support that is needed in the early months.  Further information can be found at Tiny Toes Reflexage.

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About Us

For nearly two decades Emma worked as a nurse in an intensive care unit and oncology centre.
Emma’s nursing experience led her to change direction and develop an interest in helping people through a natural holistic approach whilst still able to apply her nursing knowledge.
Emma became interested in reflexology after taking her daughter as a baby to see a reflexologist and then having regular treatments herself realised the health benefits of reflexology.
Emma has a genuine wish to help improve the well being and vitality of her clients and always aims to leave you feeling relaxed and revived.
Emma specialises in women’s health and only treats men who’ve been recommended by existing clients or are having fertility difficulties.

What our customers say about us

Having read through most of the previous reviews, I am about to say something surprising. Reflexology also works for men. That is right, I have said it! And Emma is doing a fantastic job of it. She has helped me with back, shoulder, neck issues with her magic hands. Her approach to well-being encompasses so much more than standard feet reflexology, . Emma has managed to soothe both my levels of stress and muscle tension through a 2 pronged approach of feet, face reflexology. In one word, Emma is a gem and I would strongly recommend her for the sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing she always provides to her customers during and after treatment. I will not hesitate to bring our future baby to Emma for baby reflexology treatments should the need arise.

Thomas Goudot

It was suggested to me that I tried reflexology to relax and prepare myself for the arrival of my baby as in my first pregnancy I went over due and had an induction. i was keen to avoid that this time!
Emma was recommended to me by my midwife. I contacted her straight away as I had heard she was very busy! almost immediately Emma contacted me to arrange my first appointment.
during my first appointment Emma helped not only with pregnancy problems but also with an old injury I had! I left feeling amazing and on cloud 9, needless to say I booked in monthly right up to my due date!

we were convinced I would deliver ontime or atleast close to my “guess date” but alas baby had other ideas, so at 41 weeks I messaged Emma begging her to see me on the Friday (42 weeks). unfortunately she had no appointments, but she did have a cancellation on the Thursday.

whilst at the appointment I started to have regular contractions at every 10 minutes! I said it Emma on the day and I’ll say it again! she has magic hands!! after a tearful good bye I drove home (slowly as the contractions continued!!)

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter the next morning at 5.43am, at home as planned.
Emma has been a great addition to my pregnancy journey and I have now booked to do the tiny toes course as well as some me time for the new year to keep me balanced.

thank you for being so amazing

Charlotte Heffernan