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Having read through most of the previous reviews, I am about to say something surprising. Reflexology also works for men. That is right, I have said it! And Emma is doing a fantastic job of it. She has helped me with back, shoulder, neck issues with her magic hands. Her approach to well-being encompasses so much more than standard feet reflexology, . Emma has managed to soothe both my levels of stress and muscle tension through a 2 pronged approach of feet, face reflexology. In one word, Emma is a gem and I would strongly recommend her for the sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing she always provides to her customers during and after treatment. I will not hesitate to bring our future baby to Emma for baby reflexology treatments should the need arise.

Thomas Goudot

It was suggested to me that I tried reflexology to relax and prepare myself for the arrival of my baby as in my first pregnancy I went over due and had an induction. i was keen to avoid that this time!
Emma was recommended to me by my midwife. I contacted her straight away as I had heard she was very busy! almost immediately Emma contacted me to arrange my first appointment.
during my first appointment Emma helped not only with pregnancy problems but also with an old injury I had! I left feeling amazing and on cloud 9, needless to say I booked in monthly right up to my due date!

we were convinced I would deliver ontime or atleast close to my “guess date” but alas baby had other ideas, so at 41 weeks I messaged Emma begging her to see me on the Friday (42 weeks). unfortunately she had no appointments, but she did have a cancellation on the Thursday.

whilst at the appointment I started to have regular contractions at every 10 minutes! I said it Emma on the day and I’ll say it again! she has magic hands!! after a tearful good bye I drove home (slowly as the contractions continued!!)

I gave birth to my beautiful daughter the next morning at 5.43am, at home as planned.
Emma has been a great addition to my pregnancy journey and I have now booked to do the tiny toes course as well as some me time for the new year to keep me balanced.

thank you for being so amazing

Charlotte Heffernan

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